So you’ve heard about burlesque, and aren’t quite sure…

What is burlesque?

Burlesque is part theater, part comedy, part storytelling, part stripping- but most importantly- all fun! Burlesque is as American as Jazz, and is a cultural phenomenon, that at its heart, is about celebrating women in all of their forms.  Burlesque has a long history in the U.S. and it has many incarnations- and at Viva Dallas Burlesque you will experience all of them- from classic to neo- burlesque, comedic to vaudevillian, we have it all!

What to expect from a burlesque show.

Want to learn more? D Magazine’s feature on Dallas’ Burlesque History

We also recommend the following films: Behind the Burly Q,  Bump & Grind: The Story of Burlesque, A Wink and a Smile , and Dirty Martini & The New Burlesque

Who comes to these events?

Our audience is about 65% female. Absolutely everyone from the twenty somethings to grandparents, couples and single groups of friends- anyone who enjoys a great show!

What should I wear?

Everything from a casual jeans  to period- inspired (1930s-50s) dresses and suits will be on display in our crowds.  Wear what makes you happy! 

Is it the same show every time?

No-  Our performers and themes change every single month so it’s always a brand new show!

Do you serve food/ have a full bar?

We do not have a kitchen, but we do have a full bar and are able to make any cocktail you can imagine!

Can I take photos/video of the show?

For the safety of our performers and the enjoyment of the audience, we do not allow photography, video, or cell phones during the show.  We have professional photographers and videographers to document all the action; to re-live the show, follow us on Facebook! If you are media, and need to request a media shooting pass, please email vivadallasburlesque [at] gmail [dot] com.

How do I get tickets?

Tickets are available during pre-sale (ends 5 hours prior to every event) via and the exclusive way to buy VIP tables (the only reserved section in the theater- you cannot get closer to the action!).  Tickets are usually available at the door, please be prepared to be patient as there will be a line at the box office.

Meet the producer:

Viva Dallas Burlesque is the result of Pin-Up Photographer, Shoshana, and her crazy ideas & tenacious nature.   Being a fan of big band, jazz, swing, comedy, and burlesque – she simply created the show she would want to see. More on Shoshana